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Tartars can be created under and on the gums, the tartars that are on the gum usually remove by cleaning but there is a need for gingivoplasty for removing the tartars under the gum.

In most of the cases the first visit cannot distinguish that patient needs gingivoplasty. Cleaning the tartars usually takes 1-2 sessions and the patient would be out under the observation about 3-4 weeks or more to the inflammation decreases and the gums reaction to the cleaning treatment test.


After all these times and if there was any tartar under the gum the gingivoplasty should be started.

There is a fear from the word “plasty” or “surgery” and people think that it is very terrifying and painful, while the gingivoplasty is not too different from the cleaning tartars on the gums. For this action be done at first the object area would be render insensible , then gum would be kept aloof for 1-3 mm and finally the under gum tartars would be cleaned.

Gum tissues which cause gum bleeding will be extracted too. This inflamed tissues may include some of dental plaque’s bacteria and removing them helps to improve gum. If these bacteria does not remove it causes that the damaging process of bone decomposition to be continue. After removing tartar and the inflamed gum tissues, gum would be put on its own place and the stitches install. Usually a banding is put on just surgery gum which is like a chewing-gum at first but after a short while when it is into the mouth gets hard and avoids entering air and food in the surgery area.


There is no particular problem if patient use a good drug which the doctor preferred and can reach a normal condition after 1 day resting and 3 day light working

After surgery and removing the inflamed tissue it seems that teeth are lengthening or the space between teeth is increase and or the gum goes back.

In fact the issue that the gum goes back or increase the space between teeth is not because of surgery, this space is created because of the gum illness and filled by the inflamed sick tissue. Removing the inflamed sick tissue shows the real face of the damage and unfortunately on this case there is no joint possibility for gum. This was the cause that experts are serious about the issue of cleaning and preventing teeth from the tartars. The space between teeth and can be filled by repairing materials which is the same color with teeth or the especial cosmetic techniques in some cases , this action is doing by our expert cosmetic partner in the pastor dental clinic.qqweqw4t6945845

Generally a gingivoplast can do all these points:

۱-the crown lengthening is for repairing or covering teeth which have the under gum decay or have been broken by hit or decay.

۲-cosmetic surgery for people who have short teeth.

Choosing the case is very important of course .

۳- gum loosing treatment by the new techniques of gum joint that may happen after orthodontic therapy or because of using toothbrush in a wrong way.

۴- removing wastages of the soft tissue in the people’s mouth who one part of gum or the whole part of it or even the whole mouth is increased in its volume because of illness or using some drugs.


۵- in some especial cases maybe they can treat the bone digested before tooth become unstable by bone jointing , it has to be noticed that this action needs to choosing case carefully and is not always possible to do , and when tooth become unstable there is no bone jointing.

۶- more complicated actions like : putting dental implants , doing the bone jointing , sinus increasing before putting implants , the soft tissue jointing into mouth for putting implant and the gum illness treatment around the dental implants , and even easier actions like gum and cleaning advising before orthodontic therapy , hidden and half hidden wisdom teeth’s surgery and different kinds of gum illnesses treatment are actions which a periodontics can do.