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One of the most common issues in the dentistry is tartar.


What can we do with tartars and what is a tartar generally?

Why most of the people are not willing to clean tartars?

What effects do tartars have?

Is there any disadvantage on cleaning tartars action?

To answer the questions that mentioned first we have to see how a tartar is created .

Almost 10 minuets after a person worked with toothbrush there would create a mass of materials on the dental surface called dental plaques which is made from the food or the minerals in the saliva. If you noticed this point that after toothbrush action at night and not eating when you woke up in the morning you can feel a rough cover if you touch your teeth by the tongue which is that dental plaque.

Dental plaque easily removes by a toothbrush and this removing the dental plaques is one the reasons that experts offer people to use toothbrush frequently.


If the dental plaque do not removed cause gum inflammation that this is called Rnzyvt.

In the unhealthy condition when person do not use toothbrush frequently the plaque transfer from its soft form to the hard form that called tartar

Tartars cause damage in teeth and gum and the tooth keeper tissues and change a healthy tooth to an inflamed bleeding sick tooth and cause the gum grooves deeper and the sticky gum which keeps the tooth into the bony chamber would be destroyed , so the bone destroyed too, finally it cause tooth become unstable this illness is called periodontitis.

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Loosing bones and teeth is common on periodontitis and sometimes bone destroying is too much that it is impossible to replace the lost tooth.

Most of people consider that cleaning tartars is hurting teeth and their explanation is this point that after cleaning tartars our teeth decayed or gum is destroyed and some of them told about their tooth becoming sensitive , they refuse to do that but the fact is cleaning is not only does not cause of decay but also does not destroy the gum. You have to be sure that cleaning tartars and removing the gum tartars save gum and teeth from being destroyed.

Your gums become healthy and pink without bleeding and the bad smell of mouth that is because of gum inflammation removed for removing the sensitivity fast using the mouthwash is recommended. It has to be mention that having teeth with decay is better than teeth with tartar because the decayed teeth can be treated easily but if you do not clean the tartars maybe make you toothless in a short time.

Now making decision is on you , do you want to have repaired teeth or you want to be toothless at all? Do you want to have healthy gum and a sweet-smelling mouth or inflamed gum and bad smelling mouth? Do you want your gum bleeds while you using toothbrush and ache or you want to use it with joy?

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