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Root treatment

Root treatment:


Cause of toothache after endodontic therapy:

It’s common to see patients who visit dentists after endodontic therapy for toothache, but for some patients toothache after endodontic therapy is not easy, cause patients visit the doctor because of ache and their expectation for removing ache after treatment is natural and patient’s right.


Root canal therapy:

Most of patients are pessimistic about endodontic therapy before visiting, and in order to advices they heard or bad experiences they had in the past assume that therapy is painful and terrible.

There are also lots of questions about pain possibility after endodontic therapy and usual questions are wrote below:

Isn’t the tooth’s nerve gone in endodontic therapy? So haw does a tooth without nerve has pain?

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It has to be said that endodontic therapy is not just taking the tooth nerve out.

Into the root canal therapy is include cleaning and shocking into the root canals in the right length and obturation to the canals with inert filling the way that micro organism and microbes remove and their growing chance in future become impossible.

All of these maybe need time because it is a treatment with high accuracy and time going.

If you had pain before endodontic therapy there is possibility for having pain after doing endodontic , this does not related to not completing endodontic or a problem in therapy.

Pain mechanisms in human body are so complicated particularly in head and neck, sometimes even with removing the main cause of pain, there is still painful in central and peripheral nervous system and sometimes on inflammatory reaction in some cases is the reason of hard pain and swelling after endodontic.

So having pain after endodontic therapy particularly in the first 24 hours is natural and you should have no concern about it cause most of the cases is tolerable with using drug.

Having pain while eating and pressure on tooth is normal when after one 1 from endodontic therapy.

You have to start using your medicines which your dentist order to you right after the therapy ends in orders to have less pain after endodontic therapy.