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dental implants

Dental implants

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What are dental implants?

Implant is a metal twist which can replace with the natural tooth. It made by titanium which Is completely match with body texture and the bones around and become a part of body. In medical science titanium is used for replacement any part of body members.

Does the dental implant cost too much?

Because of using high technology and the advanced material for recovering the toothless areas implants are expensive, but according to the observations, patients who did the implants treatment conceded after it ended that this treatment was worthy and they will do it if it was necessary.

On the other hand in some cases that the teeth has been repaired before and then broke , it may need to a root therapy , gum surgery and tooth cover again , on this cases this is affordable to extract tooth and replace the area with dental implant

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Is there any possibility for rejecting implants?

Unlike the soft tissue graft like heart or kidney , human body does not reject the dental implant, also it doesn’t mean that implant treatment is always successful and error free . in cases which the powers are more than normal on implant or the patient doesn’t care about mouth hygiene and smoke too much than normal there is a possibility of failure in treatment process.

What will happen if the toothless areas do not heal?

  • Patients lose their teeth.
  • The bone that holds teeth will die down
  • Teeth adjacent move to the toothless side and stand in a bad ankle.
  • Teeth lose their complete shape, and parsils and covers lose their support.
  • Prosthesis loses their stability and ach and become loosening.
  • Bone die down will spread to the adjacent healthy teeth and make them die down too.
  • Teeth that become a basement for movable prosthesis decay and loos and finally die down.
  • Bone edge become sharp after a while because of die down and the gum tissue moves and it makes painful wastages.
  • Patient needs softer foods
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In the advanced bone die downing

  • The lower lip become insentience
  • Possibility of jaw breaking increase
  • Tongue get bigger than normal
  • Teeth operation weak 5 times.

For what kind of people implants are good?

A person who has a good general and mouth hygiene can be an ideal candid for implants. Both jaw’s bones need for implant to be strong enough and there is a need for bone graft to improve the condition of implant basement. The best candid is the one with healthy gum tissue and without periodontal disease. In people who have problems in their systematics, they can usually use implants after their problem solved or controlled.

What can dental implants do for you?

There is a lot of way to recovery the toothless area when one or more lost. There is on almost old plan of treatment for curettage teeth which are adjacent to the toothless area and putting a 3 or 4 unites bridge.

In cases which all the patients teeth are lost , how many methods are possible for jaw recovering?

-recovering jaw by using a complete movable prosthesis

– Recovering jaw by using movable prosthesis which has implant basics.(numbers of implants that   are indeed in this method are less than necessary implant for recovering jaw by using movable   prosthesis.)

-recovering jaw by fixed prosthesis and implant basics: this plan costs more than the others and it is available only for whom that have enough strong bone

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Why the bridge or completely movable prosthesis plan is not usually recommended?

Studies shows that the long time successfully extent of bridge (10 years) is about 75% which means that one bridge from 4 of them that are stand in mouth faces to problem after 10 years.

  • Using bridge treatment needs to curettage healthy teeth adjacent the toothless area and this action cause to decrease the life of mentioned teeth.
  • Putting bridge cause teeth connect each other and cleaning them become an issue , and also it is uncomfortable when the food sticks under and around the bridge and maybe make mouth to stink.
  • In people who lost all their teeth, using completely movable prosthesis may cause jaw bones die down. Teeth will lose by the time and lost its efficiency, so the person face problem in their eating and speaking.

Advantages of implants in comparison with bridges by tooth basic are written below:

  • There is no need to curettage teeth adjacent the toothless area, so the teeth tissue would be kept safe and healthy cause the implant does not lean on the adjacent teeth.
  • In comparison with dental bridge, dental implant look-like the true tooth and feel like it. Because the dental implants enter your bone structure, they stop gums and bones die down , while using bridge or the movable tooth’s hand will finally cause jaw bone die down. By using implants you can stop jaw bone to die down and no one in any period of time can find out you replaced one of your teeth , even you may forget that you had lost a tooth.
  • Studies show that implant’s long time success extent ( 20 years ) is more than 90% , which means that after 20 years there is just one implant faces problem from 10, and these problems are usually cover breaking or loosing implant cover that are changeable and can be easily replaced and stick again.
  • Dental implants unlike the under-covered teeth do not face the decay because they made by metals.
  • Complete toothless jaw recovering by dental implants and fixed prosthesis let you to surely speak and eat. This treatment plan save you from the annoying sound of denture encountering and looseness, they will make you to say goodbye to the worries about moves and denture adhesive.
  • In toothless cases using movable prosthesis by the implant basements is even than using complete denture, because the denture is connected to the implants which are placed in jaw and it has less looseness, there is also no need to completely cover the palate , so eating and talking is more easier than when you use denture
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Who should I choose for my implant treatment?

For implant treatment there is a group of at least 2 persons. An expert in gum surgery and implant (periodontics) and an expert of dental prosthesis (prosthodontics), the one who in addition to 6 years studying general dentistry has been studied a period of 3 years about gum surgery and implants, a dental prosthesis expert is the one who studied 6 years of general dentistry and after that studied a 3 years period for recovering jaws and dental system.

This group have enough experience for work with the other experts and have enough special information , educated enough and enough studied in order to recovering teeth with feeling and the shape as same as your true teeth.

How to protect my implants?

As well as you know your teeth need caring at home and dentistry visit periodically implants are the same as your own true teeth and need the same caring. Using toothbrush and flossing is very necessary in order to keep your implants clean and out of any microbial plaques. After treatment your periodontics will have a close cooperation with you and your dentist to take the best care for your teeth, there is a periodic visit planned for you in order to your implants and gums and teeth be safe.

How does implant replace?

In the first stage the implant which looks-like a twist stands in your jaw. After 3-9 months later it has been allowed to bone and implant to connect each other to make a fake support for your fake teeth. In cases which need huge bone grafting of jaw it may need a longer time to healing the surgical area and matching the bone grafted with jaws bony tissue. During this time a temporary movable alternative tooth can cover the toothless area. The second stage usually is need to appear and a part connected to it called healing abutment. This part helps your gum to shape around the implant and get a natural gum’s shape around the implant cover.

There are some one stage implant systems which do not need the stage 2 and in some cases according to the surgeon’s recommending healing abutment may be used at the implant’s putting meeting directly on the implant. Your periodontics recommends which system is the best for you



After gum healed the prosthodontics assemble a prosthesis abutment on your implant and make a mold of it and finally an alternative tooth connect on the prosthesis abutment which called implant cover. In cases which there are lots of teeth lost bridges connected to the implant can replace them.

Is it hurt to have an implant surgery?

Like every other surgery, every patient’s pain extent is differs from the other one, almost 95% of patients diagnose their pain number from 10, the number 2 the day after surgery. Patients may face inflammation and bruise which is not important problem by using drugs and pain relief and the surgeon orders.

In cases which patient has pain in long time (few weeks or months) the reason of pain must be diagnose, pain is not a good sign in long time.