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Orthodontic is a branch of dentistry designed for cosmetic needs and therapy for patients who their teeth location faces problems (e.g jaw is being tiny or big , the condition of jaw being front or back , teeth being front , the extra tooth , the distance between teeth , teeth do not match well or being olio) in any reason


These patients plus cosmetic problems and not having confidence while speaking , have so much problems like chewing meal and they also have problems in their hygiene caring and flossing. Orthodontic is also effective in control and treatment different features of face growing (maxillofacial orthopedic) .

Expert that are studied orthodontics are called orthodontists, this term is taken from the Greek words “ortho-” that means straight , upright and correct and the word ” dento ” that means tooth.

The reasons for using orthodontics:

  • Closing the intercalary distance between teeth.
  • Making sure of teeth’s crown being equally match to each other
  • Making the divert teeth straight (straightening teeth)
  • To improve the condition of speaking and eating (mouth operation)
  • To improve the long time health of teeth and gums
  • To stop decay or long time damage on teeth
  • Poor condition of biting treatment (Malocclusion) : some of the children’s jaw and teeth do not grow well , so malocclusion points to the diverting in teeth growth , teeth not matching well together and problems about upper and lower teeth connection (the two tooth’s bow in up and down of the mouth ) . these kind of problems can happen because of the damage teeth or facial bones received , too much sucking thumb ( sucking fingers ) or because of unknown reasons.
  • Sucking thumb (sucking fingers) can cause teeth and the bone inside being deformed for recovering the normal growth process , it is needs sucking thumb’s habit be broken. Malocclusion usually can’t effect on person’s physical health , in fact it is not an illness but it is a diverting in the normal condition of teeth. This problem however can effect on the person’s facial and teeth appearance and can cause the state of feeling shamed or loosing enough confidence or even depression for person. In serious conditions Malocclusion can effect on the person’s ability for eating , speaking and also taking care of the teeth’s health
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The good age

Every orthodontic treatment has its own particular age . complete fixed treatment is available to do usually from ages 12 till the end which all teeth are grown , the movable treatments or reforming the jaw growth also have better results in lower ages. Thanks to orthodontists association of America the best way to diagnosis the best age for starting treatment for your child is visiting an orthodontic from their 7th years of living to diagnose the issue before it become late. Orthodontic treatment has no limit in ages and you can proceed for your appearance and smile reforming


Orthodontic steps include :

Mouth enough hygiene

Before starting your treatment mouth enough hygiene is necessary and important. There is possibility of remaining food on teeth and under the dental tools and that’s why patient needs to use toothbrush more carefully in order to stop tooth decay during the treatment. There is more concerns for patients who does not care about mouth hygiene that probably will faces decay after treatments start.

Diagnosing the tooth problems


Orthodontist evaluate the patient’s tooth condition and predict the tooth growth without using orthodontic therapy . On this stage actions below might be used by the doctor:

  • Checking complete treatment reputation and tooth hygiene of the patient.
  • Physical checking
  • Providing radiology photographs of jaw and tooth
  • Providing a photograph of teeth

When these evaluations end , orthodontic would make decision about treatment way.

Orthodontic types:

There are 2 types of orthodontic therapy for patients which are called fixed orthodontic and movable orthodontic.

Fixed orthodontic

The most current tools used by orthodontist is the fixed orthodontic . This method used by orthodontist while accuracy become very important for orthodontist. Patients can eat normally but they are not allowed to eat or drink some foods and drinks like carbonaceous drinks , hard sweeties or toffees are factors patient must avoid eating them.

The most current kind of fixed orthodontic by using brackets is done by orders below:

Brackets usually stick on the outer surface of the teeth by special dental materials and the light cure device.

These brackets have been moved on wires by elastic bands and coils etc. in order to reach the suitable status , for this patient needs to visit their orthodontist every month to control treatment condition and wire reforming and power settings. The treatment duration on this condition is from months till 2 years . Children usually prefer to use colored plaques for their teeth orthodontics , while adults prefer to use simple types which are lighter.

Movable orthodontics

This type of orthodontic therapy is usually used for partial problems like sucking thumb or reforming little teeth diverting or jaw tightness. While using this method you can put out the orthodontic tools for cleaning after eating or in order to flossing.

Types of orthodontic tools

All the orthodontic tools follow a regular rule , which pressure comes to teeth smoothly for teeth move to their fit , but there is a difference in the way using this pressure to people and on different conditions according to the new technology of nowadays. Some of the latest tools are available to use for adults according to their life style and are visibility less for them. Different types of orthodontic tools are include:

Metal brackets:

On this condition little metal plaques will installed to teeth and a wire goes through the teeth and connect them together. Finally the wire got braced to the rocker around the molar tooth in back of mouth.

Bright and limpid brackets

Instead of metal brackets which can make attraction patient can use the bright types of ceramic matters or plastic types or a mixture of both of them. These plaques can hardly be seen and there is just a thin wire which is gone through them can be seen. However these types of plaques are more probable to break down in comparison with metal ones.

The limpid leveling

As a replacement for different types of orthodontic tools mentioned before there is movable limpid leveling which is a collection of limpid tray-like that cover exactly on your tooth. Every tray is a part of tray collections which can move your tooth from its own place a little and put it on its right place gradually. This trays are provided with software experts cause for doing this there is a need to provide and simulate a figurative model of your biting.

Oral brackets


These metal brackets are tight to back of your tooth (the part that is in tongue) and there is no possibility for the others to see them. In the normal conditions outer side of mouth (the positive side) is used for placing the brackets, if we want to use the inner side of mouth (negative side) bracket replacement will be difficult, that is the reason this method is more expensive than ordinary methods.

Using brackets step by step process:

Using brackets steps are mentioned below:

۱-Visit a doctor for advisement

The doctor auscultates patient’s condition and diagnoses things below:

  • Patient needs to use orthodontic therapy
  • The type of therapy patient needs
  • Estimating the time patient needs to reach the final results.

On this visit a panorama radiology photograph of patient’s present teeth condition will be taken.

۲-checking photographs and radiographs

On this meeting doctor gives the important orders when they auscultate patient again if there is need for repairing teeth, extracting or cleaning tartars.

۳-sticking brackets

On this meeting brackets get fixed by special materials when teeth surface got ready. This action may be done on one or both 2 jaws, this meeting lasts half and an hours.

۴-repairing meetings

These meetings held every 3 to 5 weeks. On these meetings wires and the other orthodontic devices set with the orthodontist’s goal. This meeting lasts about 15-30 minutes , numbers of these meetings will be 8-30 depends on the damage intensity.

۵-extracting fixed device meeting

On this meeting brackets will be put out from teeth and teeth became clean. Then in order to build a holder device a mold of jaw is taken , this meeting lasts 1 hour.

Success extent

On this method getting good enough result and success depends on orthodontist’s skills and patient’s help and enthusiasm. This is important to take a complete care of patient and do all the orders doctor gave. Getting good results on this method also depends on patient vows and caring. While using this method for children it is very important that parent take care of their children well to get the best results.

Side effects

Orthodontic tools can not harm by their own, but cleaning them badly and using too much sweet foods and drinks can harm teeth badly. Brackets , wires and rocker can be the place for food to trap there and cause make more plaques on teeth in comparison with the normal condition , so it is important and necessary to clean teeth and orthodontic tools carefully and well-planned.

Orthodontic therapy is a treatment method which can be done in any age for solving tooth problems . there are also new methods which can be done on a way that no one else could understand that you are using orthodontic tools.

Primary decay (white spots) after putting out the brackets only happen when patient does not use toothbrush carefully and plaques and food stuff remain on tooth around the bracket. This decay can be easily preventable by obeying the doctor’s order carefully.