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The best way for whitening teeth

The best way for whitening teeth:


Most of the times we see people who have a beautiful appearance but we change our mind when that get close to us and start talking and their teeth show. Yellow and unformed teeth make age goes up and face seems sick though white and in a good shape shining teeth, can attract every one’s attention and make the beauty face more beauty. On this essay Dr. Ali Aghazade and Dr. Massoomeh hasani tabatabyi beauty dentists introduce you ways of whitening tooth.

Why is my tooth discolored?

Beaching, composite or laminate, which is the best way to make the tooth white?

Most harmless way for a bad color is bleaching, because it doesn’t hurt the patient’s jaw and makes a night guard, then the patient casts breaking

L130031744066materials into the form and put in his/her mouth

۱-۶ hours daily depend on materials density. Time for every jaw to get white is 1-2 weeks, is may increase to 6 months particularly in discoloration cases using tetracycline. Some times may patient’s teeth go allergic to cold while using bleaching materials, on these conditions it is better to decrease the time of using bleaching materials and even stop for a whole day, using anti-allergy mouthwash and tooth past help this issue stop.

Patients who are not willing to do bleaching at home and want to reach the conclusion faster can use bleaching in doctor’s place.

Dose one of your teeth turn black?

In cases that tooth turn black by heating or hard decay, first the dentist has to clean up all the dark materials and blood after visiting the nerve, then put whitening materials have been put into the tooth crest and dressing on it. It has to be into tooth crest 1-2 weeks till discoloration eliminate. Grey discoloration treatment by bleaching is better that orange discoloration. Whitening materials get out of the tooth crest and dressing would be filled by composite after 1 week, when the tooth turn white enough.

If you do not like tooth to be scrape…


Another way to change the tooth color is using composite. Composites are the repairing whitening materials that is used for filling tooth and connect to the tooth by bandings. One of the composites advantages is keeping the tooth’s health tissue, but working with composites needs more accuracy so it’s better to visit the versed dentists of pastor clinic.

It’s better to not use the teeth which repaired by composite for breaking hard things (like ice, nail, etc) because it may be cracked.

Points you never have to forget:

These teeth won’t go yellow anymore.

The other way for making teeth beautiful is using laminate. Laminate is a ceramic thin crust that covers the outer surface and the edge of tooth. It will be built sometimes at the doctor’s office ( just with 2 session visiting) and sometimes in an advanced laboratory (less than 2 hours) and put on teeth. Working method is the way that first dentist scrape 0.5-1 mm of outer surface and the edge of tooth, then the dentist makes o form of your teeth and sends it to the laboratory. On the next sessions dentist stick them on your teeth. Laminates turn their color less than the composites but they are more expensive than composites too.

We do not recommend using the whitening lights:

If you use toothbrush regularly and right the way experts say and use a normal diet, you do not need to whitening your teeth. There is whitening kits with a lamp called “white light” and tubes which have acidic bleaching materials, the claims that this kits tell to the costumers do not have any scientific basic and these materials also hurt the gum and tooth. These materials can only remove the the superficial colors . professional bleaching has its own technics and must have be done by the dentist.

Bleaching by the drug stores production

Using whitening toothpastes is not recommended cause the grinder grind .

It is irreparable when the enamel grinded or destroyed this issue happens especially on the teeth’s cervix and cause tooth be sensitive , so we have to repair tooth . products and tubes that are selling in the drug stores usually have temporary and unpredictable effects.

The density of these production’s bleaching material is too low so they can’t be irreparable noxious to the enamel or the whole body system , I fact it is not proved by scientific researches . the bleaching chewing-gums can be effective too but because the density of the effective material is too low it takes too much time to show its effect or maybe after a very long time you cannot reach your pleasure result.

So it is better to consult your dentist for whitening teeth to distinguish the bleaching material’s measure, then they offer you the good method. By this action you do not need to be worry about hurting enamel if it goes by the scientific methods of the dentist.